Walter Hagen 1892-1969

Joe Norwood said of Walter Hagen; He was the best match play         competitor he ever saw. It was Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon and         Alex Findlay who conviced Joe Norwood to become and stay a           teacher of the golf swing. Joe Norwood also had the opportunity to play baseball with the likes of Ty Cobb but he chose golf                because he felt he could have a longer career. 80 years of                  teaching proved to be the right choice
Joe's grip, backswing and downswing are patterned after the legendary Harry Vardon. He talks about the Vardon move in his video.  Right elbow tucked close to the waist. The release is a downward push to the back of the right heel. I recall my grandfather telling me he once asked Harry Vardon's mother how Harry practiced. She told him that he would spend hours swinging a club to his right heel.
Harry Vardon 1870 - 1937
Ben Hogan 1912 - 1997
Joe talked about Mr. Hogan a lot. He said that Mr. Hogan told him he worked on his left arm for two years. In his video Joe says Hogan  worked on the upper left arm and shoulder muscles to keep his left arm straight. The left shoulder moves down vertically as the left arm moves horizontally back following the lead of the right arm around the waist.
Mr. Hogan worked on the extensor muscles from the left shoulder to the arm. The picture shown here is a swing different than what Mr. Hogan describes in his book.
It's classic Norwood. His arms and waist are at the same 45 degree angle at the top of his backswing.
Sam Snead 1912 - 2002
Joe often said that Mr. Snead was the greatest sitter in golf. The photo speaks for itself. You'll find out more in the book but it's obvious that to have a good swing you must keep your lower body stable. This is done by keeping the knees in a flexed position at all times during the swing.
Bruce Crampton
The high finish of Mr. Bruce Crampton. Joe completed his swing  during the mid 1960's when he saw Mr. Crampton with that  beautiful high finish. Joe taught " Reach For The Sky On The   Finish".  This must be done at the end of the swing and cannot be a conscious effort during the downswing.
Walter Travis 1862 - 1927
The year was 1913. Joe had been teaching golf for 3 years.     Walter Travis and Joe played a round of golf together. At the end of the round Mr. Travis told Joe that he had a good swing but that he couldn't put. Joe asked him to teach him. At first Mr. Travis said no but Joe convinced him that he was a teaching professional not a playing one. Mr. Travis showed  Joe his move but did not explain how he did it. Joe and Walter Hagen were the same age and knew each other. Mr. Hagen, who also learned how to put using the Travis method worked with Joe. Joe adjusted the grip and realized that Travis and Hagen both putted with their right elbow.  Mr. Hagen has most f his weight on his left leg. Joe says in his book and video to put most of your weight on the left side for the short game.
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